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TaylorMade r7 Steel Fairway Wood Golf Club 3-Wood PreOwned

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Product Includes Headcover


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  • Right Hand Only
  • 3-Wood Only
  • 15 Degree Loft Only
  • Standard Lie Only
  • S (Stiff) Flex Only
  • TaylorMade RE*AX 70 Graphite Only

Condition Rating:

Very Good

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Very Good
TaylorMade r7 Steel Fairway Wood Preowned Golf Club
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TaylorMade r7 Steel Fairway Wood Golf Club
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Product Details


r7 Steel 3-Wood

Condition Rating:

Right Hand

Player Type:

Includes Headcover:


Lie Angle:
Standard Lie


Shaft Material:

Shaft Model:
TaylorMade RE*AX 70

Shaft Flex:



The TaylorMade r7 Steel fairway woods feature a deep center of gravity which makes it easy to get the ball airborne from most any lie. The titanium head has 16 grams of moveable weight, and are 15% larger than the r7 Steel fairway woods. It also features the same traditional shape as the V Steel and r7 TP fairway woods.

Club Technology

Feature Advantage Benefit
Movable Weight Technology™ (MWT)™ with two TLC ports 16 grams of movable weight – one 2-gram TLC cartridge and one 14-gram TLC cartridge Promotes a 15-yard change in right-to-left shot-shape
Same traditional shape as the tour-proven V Steel with slightly shallower face Looks great and easy to launch Encourages confidence and promotes increased distance
RE*AX™ graphite fairway shafts Part of TaylorMade’s advanced new line of RE*AX shafts Engineered to promote increased consistency, control and distance
High-strength steel composition Saves weight necessary to provide MWT Increased distance and accuracy

Club Specifications

Club Left Handed Loft Lie Head Volume Club Length (G/S)** swing weight***
TS No 13° 58.5° 154 cc 43" / 42.5" D2
3* Yes 15° 58.5° 155 cc 43" / 42.5" D2
4 No 16.5° 59° 137 cc 42.5" / 42" D2
5* Yes 18° 59° 138 cc 42.5" / 42" D2
7* Yes 21° 59.5° 132 cc 42" / 41.5° D2
*Available in Women’s Left and Right hand models ** For Women’s club length subtract 1" from men’s corresponding graphite length *** Women’s swing weight: C7

Shaft Flex Shaft torque Tip Size Shaft Weight Grip Grip Weight
Graphite REAX 70 FW X 3.6° .350° 74 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
S 3.6° .350° 74 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
R 3.7° .350° 73 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
M 3.7° .350° 72 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
REAX 60 FW L 4.4° .350° 54 g TaylorMade TGT 46 g
Steel DG lite X 2.2° .350° 104 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
S 2.3° .350° 101 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
R 2.6° .350° 100 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
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