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When it comes to TaylorMade shafts there’s a plethora of options for just about every club. If you’re looking to replace or enhance your TaylorMade shaft we offer a wide variety of brands, flexes, types, fittings and trajectories.

Regardless of your club model, the proper shaft will optimize performance, which is where custom shafts can significantly improve your game. A great way to select the proper custom shaft flex is based on your club head speed and/or ball speed.

Here’s a chart to help you:

Avg. Swing Speed (MPH) < 80 80-90 90-105 > 105
Avg. Ball Speed (MPH) < 120 115-135 130-155 > 155
Shaft Flex Senior Regular Stiff Extra Stiff/Strong

Ideally, you’ll want to select a custom shaft that achieves maximum performance (high launch with low spin) for your swing. Once you select a custom shaft that fits your swing, using the guide above as a starting point, you can fine-tune your ball flight characteristics with the adjustability found on most TaylorMade drivers, fairway woods and hybrids to deliver the perfect combination for maximum distance.