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TaylorMade r7 quad Driver Golf Club PreOwned

TaylorMade r7 quad Driver Preowned Golf Club
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r7 quad
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Lie Angle:
Standard Lie
Shaft Material:
Shaft Model:
TaylorMade M.A.S. 2 7-65
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The TaylorMade r7 Quad driver lets the player change the weight configuration according to swing type or playing conditions. It is one of the most innovative drivers in golf history. Don't change your swing, let the club do the work for you.
This product may be an ARP or DEMOclub.
Club Technology


Feature Advantage Benefit
TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) Technology Provides the f reedom to reposition weight in the clubhead to create six sets of launch conditions Gives the player the ability to optimize trajectory to maximize distance
4 TLC Cartridges and 4 TLC Ports Creates the ability to reconf igure 24 grams out of 48 grams of discretionary weight in the r7 quad clubhead for ideal CG placement, resulting in different horizontal and vertical launch conditions Gives the player the ability to shape shots and choose their trajectory, increasing accuracy and workability
Super-Thin Wall Casting Technology An exclusive production process that allows us to create clubhead walls that are 20% thinner, saving more than 20 grams of weight Players can move weight to improve overall performance based on their personal swing needs
Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) and Pull-Face Technology Expanded COR Zone; more efficient use of structural weight; and a lighter clubface Greater ball velocity on off-center hits resulting in consistently longer drives; saved weight is used to enhance the performance of TLC
M.A.S.2 7-65 Graphite Shaft Low torque, medium-high kick point “ Player’s” shaft that performs best at medium-to-high swing speeds; low torque enhances control
Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) Dramatically expands the portion of the clubface that delivers high COR Consistently longer drives
Club Specifications
Club Left Handed Loft Lie Head Volume Club Length swing weight
7.5 No 7.5° 59° 400 cc 45" D3
8.5 No 8.5° 59° 400 cc 45" D3
9.5 Yes 9.5° 59° 400 cc 45" D3
10.5 Yes 10.5° 59° 400 cc 45" D3
11.5 No 11.5° 59° 400 cc 45" D3

Shaft Flex Shaft torque Tip Size Butt Diameter Shaft Weight Grip Grip Weight
M.A.S.² 7-65 TS 2.8° .350" .600" 65 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
S 2.8° .350" .600" 65 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
R 2.9° .350" .600" 65 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
M 2.9° .350" .600" 65 g TaylorMade TGT 50 g
*No other custom shafts

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