Trade-In Terms and Conditions

Trade-In Requirements:

TaylorMade Golf PreOwned will accept only those golf clubs for trade-in that are listed in the nationally distributed Golf PriceBook, also known as the PGA Value Guide. The trade-in values are available for reference within the website here: Models not listed will not be accepted for trade-in.

All traded-in clubs must be in playable condition and free of defects or damage including, but not limited to, dents, cracks, punctures, rattles, excessive chrome wear, excessive shaft wear, bent or split shafts, or dings in the sole or excessive scratches on the clubface.

All iron sets must include either five, six, seven or eight sequential irons. At minimum, the iron set must have at least five consecutive pieces including the 6 iron and PW (pitching wedge). Iron sets that do not have the minimum 6-PW configuration will not be accepted. Iron sets with missing or damaged clubs are subject to refusal or a reduction of the trade-in value.

TaylorMade Golf PreOwned reserves the right to refuse to accept any trade-in item or to reduce the trade-in value for clubs that have been altered or are not factory complete including, but not limited to, adjustments in loft or lie angle, shaft change, weight change, missing ferrule, refinished head, missing or damaged grip, unmatched irons, unmatched shaft flex, modifications that are not consistent with original manufacturer product specifications, or other non-factory alterations.

Trade-In Communications and Procedures

We recommend that you carefully inspect each item prior to shipping it to us. In our experience, certain dents and cracks can be overlooked if the club is not carefully examined prior to packing. Please also note and comply with our packing recommendations below to avoid damages in transit.

In the event your traded club does not meet our acceptance criteria, TaylorMade Golf PreOwned will complete the following guidelines and procedures:

  • Contact you by email, communicate the issue and offer alternative choices for resolution.
  • Resolution choices may include:
    • Return of the product to you – you are responsible for return shipping charges.
    • Offer a revised trade-in value in the instances where the club complies with the minimum conditions referenced above. If a counter-offer is made, the offer will expire in two (2) business days from the initial communication of the offer. Upon your agreement, if any, to the counter-offer, the trade-in value adjustment amount will then be deducted from the initial trade-in allowance.
    • Disposal of the item if the club is a no value item and you agree to its disposal.
    • Repair the club if you agree to the price of the repair and authorize us to complete the repair. We will deduct the repair charges from the initial trade-in allowance.

If no response is received from you within five (5) business days of our initial email and telephone call, the item will be returned to you and the value of the trade-in item will be deducted from the initial estimate for your trade-in allowance. Shipping charges for the return of the item to you will also be deducted from your trade-in credit.

Shipping Rates and Guidelines

Trade-in clubs valued at $99.00 or greater (excluding promotion premiums/bonuses) will be issued prepaid FedEx shipping label valid only in the continental United States. Trade Ins of less than $99.00, must use the provided FedEx label as well, however a $7.99 USD shipping fee will be deducted from your credit. All items shipped to us should be packed with suitable protection and packing material to prevent damage during transit. Metalwood clubheads should be protected with either headcovers (if available), bubble wrap or other suitable protective material. Iron sets should be grouped and banded together. All clubs should be packed in golf club shipping cartons to avoid shaft damage.

The FedEx Shipping Label for traded items will be sent to you via email within 1-2 hours of completion of the trade-in transaction on our website. However, it could take up to 24 hours to receive due to the label being emailed directly to you by , not Taylormade Preowned Golf.

Your local FedEx Store location will be equipped with golf club shipping cartons and packing materials. Any liability for damages and resulting condition downgrades incurred during transit is the shipper’s responsibility.

GlobalGolf trade-in price quotes require that you:

  • Ship the traded club(s) within 5 business days of the on-line trade-in transaction date. Delays in shipping beyond the five day required ship date may result in a lower trade-in value. If the items are not shipped to GlobalGolf within five (5) business days, any applicable Trade-In Premiums are null and void.
  • Insert a copy of the completed trade-in remittance voucher (packing list) with the shipment.

Trade-In Promotions

  • If a trade in bonus is contingent on a qualifying product purchase, trade-in process must be completed prior to placing the order. Both trade-in and purchase must be placed during the same shopping session.
  • Valid credit card is required.
  • Trade-In Values subject to change.
  • Trade bonuses cannot be used toward select Titleist or FootJoy items.
  • Not valid on previous trade-in, purchases, exchanges or special orders.

Trade-In Credits

The consumer agrees that in order to receive trade-in credit, the traded clubs must meet our expressed requirements referenced above and as listed elsewhere on the TaylorMadeGolfPreOwned website and are subject to trade-in value adjustments as described herein.

The trade-in value may be received in the form of a gift certificate that may be used for future purchases on, or it may be applied at once as a credit toward the purchase of products on the website. TaylorMadeGolfPreOwned Gift Certificates will be issued within 10 business days of receiving the traded clubs. In the event the trade-in value is greater than the amount of your purchase on TaylorMade Golf PreOwned, the difference will be issued in the form of a TMPO gift certificate. Purchases that are accompanied by at-once trade-in credits will be charged in full and the trade-in allowance credited upon receipt of the traded item(s).

All refunds will be issued in US currency. All refunds will be applied to the original form of payment. If you paid for an order with a gift certificate and or credit card or PayPal combination the refund will be credited to the gift certificate first and balance will then be refunded to the credit card or PayPal account.